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Prepare Your Kids for their Futures! Conundrum Kids is an innovative new book that allows you to give your child a series of imaginative scenarios designed to keep kids safe and prepared in an ever-changing world. Kids have fun answering what they would do in a variety of situations and develop vital critical thinking skills along the way. This fun methodology allows parents to "pre-disaster" their children so that when something DOES arrive in the child's life, the child already knows how to handle the situation in advance.

Conundrum Kids does such an amazing job of developing critical thinking skills in children, that after a child has answered hundreds of Conundrums over time, even if a situation arises that hasn't been addressed, the child has the thinking ability to be able to sort through the event and make an appropriate choice. This program has been tested in home and classroom settings, and is universally loved by children, parents, caregivers, and teachers alike. When to use Conundrums? When driving in the car On a rainy day After school After homework At a grandparent's house At a birthday party As a "sponge" (fill-in) activity at school With a babysitter When you've got some spare time – grab the book and begin!

One of the best parts of the Conundrum methodology is that it's EASY and FUN!!!! Parents can select Conundrums that fit their values and life situations. Kids learn wisdom and rational clear-thinking techniques that help keep them safe...and that keep them thinking and enjoying the fun of being "in charge" of their answers.

Here are just A FEW of the benefits of playing Conundrums: Prepare children for common life challenges; Create more thoughtful individuals; Expand imagination; Promote & develop critical thinking skills; Become skilled at considering many different variables; Prepare children for difficult life situations; Increase the ability to think ethically; Augment listening ability; Develop simple debate and rebuttal techniques; Learn how to respond appropriately; Advance verbal skills; Sequence choices in an orderly fashion; Be trained not to make snap judgments; Discover there are many points-of-view; Realize that different people have different tastes; Become comfortable with thinking outside the box; Get to know siblings, classmates, and others' interests; Open up the world of possibilities; Bond with parents and/or teachers.

This book is a must-have for parents, grandparents, and caregivers of kids 5-12.