Empires of Gold, Iron and God: Prospering and Surviving During the Rise and Fall of the Egyptian Empire. The First Empire Cycle of the Prosperity Clock Series

ABOUT Joseph S. Holleman

Joseph S. Holleman
I am the CEO of Magister Investment Research¬†(www.magisterinvestmentresearch.com), a subsidiary of Magister Technologies Inc., and¬†the developer of CIT (Change in Trend) Cycles and Disequilibrium (DQ) Analysis for financial markets, products of over 30 years of research and practical app More...



You've suddenly been thrown back in time to a real life "Game of Thrones"!

It begins in the year 1590 B.C., over 3600 years in the past, with you as a time traveler forced to survive on your wits and your knowledge of "The Prosperity Clock". And it is a dark and dangerous time to be alive!

Your task will be to somehow find a way to blend in with the prevailing society, despite coming from the distant future, and to try and prosper and survive in this new world both for yourself and for your children that will follow you...just the same as you will have to do when the next Crisis hits in our own time.

And to do that your one advantage will be your knowledge of "The Prosperity Clock".

During this first 500 years you will witness through the prism of the Prosperity Clock the fall of what was likely the legendary Empire of Atlantis; the fall of the once mighty Sumerian Empire; the rise and fall of the Egyptian Empire that dominates most of the known world at this time; the rise and fall of the Hittite Empire and the emergence of Israel and Assyria as new powers in the world.

All of the intrigue, adventure, romance. murder, magic and mayhem will be presented to you in a way you have never seen before.

And all the while you will see how you can use the knowledge of the Prosperity Clock, that only YOU possess, even thousands of years ago, to navigate successfully through the ups and downs of these Ancient Empires to perhaps become one of the wealthiest and most important people in the world.