The Divine Progression of Grace: Blazing a Trail to Fruitful Living

Religion & Spirituality

By Bob Santos

Publisher : SfMe Media

ABOUT Bob Santos

Bob Santos
Bob Santos burns with a passion to help form and equip a generation of world changers for Christ. Having graduated from  Indiana University of Pennsylvania (IUP) in 1982 with a bachelor of science degree in chemistry, Bob went on to spend 15+ years working as an analytical Chemist. Longi More...



What is grace? Grace, we have been told, is God's unmerited favor. This is certainly true but grace is also so much more. Grace does a progressive work in our hearts as we journey from the point where God accepts us as we are to the exciting place He wants to take us: a fully fruitful life. Through the progressive work of grace, we are accepted, transformed, and empowered to become agents of change for God's eternal kingdom.

The Divine Progression of Grace is not just another book about grace based upon one's cultural persuasion or personal opinion. It is indeed an informative and inspiring expository teaching on grace from Scripture supported by contextual elaboration and practical application. 

This book is a refreshing departure from what is too often presented about grace—from ideas that devalue or even discredit other important Biblical teachings. Bob Santos helps us to understand grace from many different perspectives while upholding the "whole counsel of God."  

—Gary E. Ham, President, The Eleventh Hour Christian Initiatives. Rochester, New York


The Divine Progression of Grace tackles the facets of grace that are often ignored or marginalized by many believers. Bob does a great job of simplifying the subject in a way that’s approachable for someone at any point in his or her walk with Jesus.

—Mel Masengale, Lead Pastor,  Summit Church. Indiana, PA


The Divine Progression of Grace reveals the richness of God's provision for His children to walk in His ways and touch the world with His heart. Every reader who approaches with an open heart will find a treasure trove that can transform their service to God, be it current or future, of many or few. My ministry as a missionary and homeschool mom has been forever changed by a new understanding of God's grace for my own life, as well as for my calling.

—Rose Salazar, Missionary to Mexico


God says, "My people are destroyed from lack of knowledge" (Hosea 4:6). In his book, The Divine Progression of Grace, Bob Santos gives us not only intellectual knowledge but revelation knowledge about the multifaceted gem called grace. This is one tool (book) you need to keep handy in your tool belt! 

—Elaine Rice, Keystone Ministries. Dearing, Georgia


Bob Santos writes in a way that forces you to really think about issues and principles. He does not settle for pat answers but delves deeply into the topic of grace to discover God’s fuller meaning of this important truth.

—Joe Jansen, Director of U.S. Ministries, Elim Fellowship. Lima, NY