A Dying Woman's Dream

A Dying Woman's Dream

ABOUT Louis Antonucci

Louis Antonucci
Musician - Author of Erotic Literature



This is the story of a young man named Gregory Lombardi, age 21. He is handsome, strong, and exotic in nature as well as in looks. He thinks he has a grasp on his life and what it really means. He grows up very hard and impoverished, and experiences very depressing times in his youth with episodes of extreme fear due to his circumstances. A traumatic event separates his parents when he is very young, and his life is dark and fearful. The future is very bleak for this young man. His only hope later in life is to take an offer he cannot refuse. Gregory has to consider working for an agency that provides end-of-life escorts; full-time companions for women who are terminally ill. These rich and powerful women want the perfect companion, the perfect Dying Woman’s Dream. Gregory has to cater to their requests and live with the client, even performing sexually if she so wishes him to do so. Gregory is taken on a journey that he will never forget.

Warning: Adult content not intended for readers under age 18. Very explicit sexual material including some BDSM