From the Heavens

ABOUT Jurgen Burgoyne

Jurgen Burgoyne
I was born in Denver, Co but grew up and graduated H.S. in Ludington, Mich. I joined the Marine Corps shortly afterward where I served on a worldwide basis under President Reagan. I then got into law enforcement and did that for a number of years, whereupon I bought into a small business w More...



From the Heavens is a fictional story based on how the author sees religion, God, and such. It tells about a father (God), and his two sons, (Jesus) and (Lucifer), and how one son's thirst for greed, power, and sin upsets the balance in heaven. Lucifer, along with his despots, plans to overthrow heaven, but his plan is discovered and thwarted. Lucifer is put on trial, judged, and banished to reign on Earth. A group of six friends dwell blissfully in the kingdom before Lucifer's betrayal. The tale follows these friends as they deal with Lucifer's betrayal, and they are eventually sent to Earth, along with all of mankind to prove their love and worthiness to our Heavenly Father. This sets up the scene for the final battle. Lucifer, having turned enough souls against God, finally has an army equal to his father's. With the lust of power to rule heaven and Earth, Lucifer invades the heavenly kingdom, along with his son the Antichrist, setting the stage for the final battle between good and evil Originally from a small town in Michigan, J. Anson Brandes now lives in Dover, Delaware. He is retired from a career in law enforcement. Publisher's website: