Grabbin the Fire

ABOUT James Haugh

james haugh
I am a noob at this author thing.  I used my creativety on music my whole life.  I play guitar and compose music and sing.   I also earned a living as a computer information systems tech.   I kept the machines going at various law firms, media firms, entertainment firms, retail firms More...



Wanna see what happens when you put:

New York City, Romance, Teen Girls, Rock Musicians, Rock Bands, Recording

Studio, Guitars, 90’s Grunge, Hot Tub, Sex, Murderer.

with hours of hard work and practice?

When is it time for a girl to leave home; leave her overbearing mom; and to pursue her dreams - to leap or stay in place and ponder further? Would your procrastination gain you needful wisdom; or would you be at a standstill from fear?
For Elizabeth, that time is now! Destiny has literally come up her driveway to pick her up.

Come with me… and as you read “Grabbin The Fire,” you will track along with Elizabeth as she is tossed up and down into physical and emotional extremes; hastily crashing and burning through bygone friendships - former frontiers now fences; and reality is updated oft times via chemical assistance.
Her journey initiates as a country bumpkin, with a fantastic voice, her guitar and a collection of original compositions. She struggles, in the beginning, to begin. She needs a plan.
New, different people; new and unfamiliar passions; she is roused to her own specialness and talents.
See if Elizabeth remains in control when new sensations run riot through her body; firing strange thoughts in her mind; distracting desires occupy her dreams; she has met, rather, has been captivated, by a man – and fortunately, this man actually has a plan!
His plan is comprehensive. But like so many plans, God laughs at them.
We get to meet Elizabeth's lover, friend, confidant, mentor and savior.
We become intimately familiar with the other members of the new band as they work and play around with each other.
You ask, “what about Elizabeth’s parent’s in all this, I mean she’s only 15 years old.” “Grabbin the Fire” gives insight into an apparent ‘normal’ mother-daughter relationship.
Come and see if some of Elizabeth’s decisions can aide you when your own turning points in life manifest.
Sometimes, you choose to take a chance - to trust your dreams, your fortune, perhaps your life to an unknown person, a stranger. You will find that there are many scenarios in which your trust is greatly rewarded. Occasionally, some souls have been harmed or have perished. That’s why we are generally a trusting people.
Thoughtful questioning is an important ingredient of maturing, and balance is the pleasant reward.
Elizabeth’s experiences may help train us to go far enough without substantial risk to our emotional, physical and spiritual well-being. Let us sharpen our perceptions about life giving vs. life taking.