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ABOUT Demetria Banks

Demetria Banks
Dr. Demetria Springfield Banks is a highly sought after conference speaker and workshop clinician. On last year she published four great selling books covering topics from emotional healing to surviving drama in the wokrplace. Her mimistry,┬áDSB MINISTRIES continues to make a profound effe More...


The struggle with your self-estem has been intense. No matter how you have tried to think positively and speak positively about yourself, you still leave in a never-ending cyle of negative self-thinking and negative self-speaking. In this book learn how your self-esteem develops; how it is maintained by your thoughts, actions and words, the difference between self-esteem and self-confidence; and how you can help you!

After coaching with many individuals suffering with self-esteem issues, Dr. Dee decided to write this book to address this challenging topic as well as provide simple, yet effective action steps that are sure to help improve an individual's self-esteem.