Great Lakes Original Recipes

Cooking, Food & Wine

By Crystal Gauthier

Publisher : Createspace

ABOUT Crystal Gauthier

Crystal Gauthier
I am a married mother of five grown children and thirteen grandchildren. Born in Kentucky, raised in Michigan. Hobbies are reading, writing, crocheting and cooking. I am a advocate for animals. Cats, Dogs, Sea Turtles and Wolves are where my heart lies. I believe in humanity, love, peace  More...



Some of the original recipes can be found in this delightful little cook book. Created with love for out family and friends, not only the food but the book itself. Crystal, Deb, Sherry and all the rest of the women who submitted recipes are more than excited to have you try these easy to make comfort foods. Family Favorites from these great lake areas of Michigan, Ohio, Wisconsin, Indiana, Illinois and Pennsylvania.

It is a cook book that has been compiled by friends and family to help you make quick and easy regional meals for your family and friends.