The Revelation of Chaos (Reborn Book 2)

The Revelation of Chaos (Reborn Book 2)

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AnnMarie Stone
I was born and raised in Arizona and currently live in Phoenix. The heat can be difficult during the summer, but I try my best to spend most of my time during the hottest months indoors writing. I would love to travel someday and I hope that my writing will take me many places and hopefull More...



Following her father’s death, life becomes even more complicated for Anastasia. With a job that keeps her traveling most of the time, she is never in one place long enough to discover the truth.

However when an unexpected tragedy takes someone close to her, Anastasia is finally able to see things more clearly than ever before. Anastasia's path is altered once again, but this time will it lead her to the truth of her soul mate? Or further from it?

The suspenseful romance between Anastasia and her soul mate continues in Book 2 of the Reborn series with more paranormal encounters, revelations, romance, tragedy and mystery.