Outsourced Freelancing Success: 101+ Tools, Apps & Programs to Run a Successful Freelancing Business! (OFS Guide Series Book 6)

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Lise Cartwright
Do What You Love--Figure Things Out... For The Price of a Chai Latte!" Getting your hands on quality, actionable information shouldn't be pricey. It should be accessible and not be a road block to you achieving what you want out of life. What you need (and what Lise provides) are tip More...


Want to know how to ensure success in your freelancing business?

It's simple, access the right tools, apps and programs to support you on your path to freelancing success ... tools that increase productivity, help you manage client deadlines and make your life easier, not harder.

101+ Tools, Apps & Programs

This book will help you identify the RIGHT tools for your freelancing business. From top rated email programs and apps, right through to productivity and project management tools. You'll find something to suit your EXACT needs.

Lise Cartwright has been a full-time freelancer since June 2012 and has built a successful freelancing business around providing freelance writing and consulting services to awesome clients. Over the past 3+ years, she has used the right tools, apps and programs to help her remain productive, on-target and successful in her freelancing business.

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If you want to be successful in your own business, then you need access to these same tools. Lise shares with you what tools, apps and programs work best, whether you're on a Mac or Window's computer, whether the iPad or other smart device version works best or whether to stick with the web-based interface.

What's Inside?

- Over 101 Tools, Apps and Programs to run YOUR freelancing business

- Top 10 Quick-Start Tools, Apps & Programs with Freelancing Hacks

- The Top Tools that Lise uses in her own successful freelancing business

The OFS Guide Series of books are written for the new freelancer by someone who has not only talked the talk, but walked the walk. This 6th guide in the series will provide you with key tools, apps and programs to ensure your ongoing success in your business ... all for the price of a coffee!

Don't waste another minute trying to do things on your own! Take action, implement the tools, apps and programs found within "101+ Tools, Apps & Programs to Run YOUR Successful Freelancing Business" today to stay one step ahead of your competitors and 'wow' your clients with your outstanding freelancing skills.


Freelancing did not get off to an easy start for me. I wrote the OFS Guide Series of books to help others avoid making the same mistakes I did, including losing over $1000 in unpaid client invoices!

"One of the main critiques I have and hear about how-to books, is that they are long on wind and short on “how.” I love Lise’s books for this reason and this one is just a continuation of that value. Lise lists real tools, some you’ve heard of and some you had no idea. But all of them will help you run your business. She categorizes them into sections like email apps, productivity tools, and PM tool sand apps." Steve W, Amazon Reviewer