You are God's masterpiece

ABOUT Nonhlanhla Annah

Nonhlanhla Annah
  My name is Thusi Nonhlanhla Annah, born in 1991 June 06. I live in South Africa. My father died when I was seven years old and I grew up watching my mother struggling to put food on the table and to get us clothes to wear. I only possess a matric certificate because I didn't have money More...



Don't be afraid of anything, you are God with a small g whereas He is God with capital G Psalm82:1-6. When you look down on your abilities you criticize the intelligence of the one who created you, Roman14:7-8. No matter the circumstances you were created to shine. Don't compromise, you are the most outstanding piece of God's work and if he were to make a showoff you would be his show piece. Keep shining. The purpose of writing this book was to enlighten everyone that dreams were made to be achieved. You were born unique ensure that in every area you lay your hand or step your foot you leave a conspicuous mark, that's were your specialty will outshine. When you claim that you are unique and special your action must testify to that, because action convey the message louder and faster than words. Continue working out your dream and never give up when it is delayed. When you fall get up, learn from your experience and start again. Determination is one of the keys to success and failure is vital for maturity. No matter how dark it may seem there is always a light by the name of hope waiting for you to let it shine until it is fully manifested. It is not everything challenged that can be changed but nothing can be changed unless challenged. Stand up and refuse to die without leaving a mark. Never allow your condition to become your conclusion. Live your purpose.