My Life Matters: A guide to creating a mentor relationship that effectively ministers to the heart of your mentee and causes their authentic transformation.

ABOUT Cynthia Patterson

Cynthia Patterson
Cynthia A. Patterson is Founder and CEO of Daughters of Virtue and Excellence, Inc. (DOVE Inc.). A nonprofit organization that offer mentoring, Christian counseling, and personal development sessions to women of all walks of life. Cynthia resides in Houston, Texas. 



Are you in need of a mentor? Do you have trouble connecting with other women? Do you feel the tug at your heart to mentor women but you feel inadequate?

My Life Matters is a book written with you in mind. You will:

* Gain clarity about your purpose
* Get critical information about what it takes to connect authentically with other women
* Get to see what goes on in the hearts and minds of real women and learn about their needs and what sparked their transformations.
Powerful testimonies from real women are in the beginning of each chapter, along with powerful parallels to the ultimate biblical female mentor relationship, Ruth and Naomi.

Cynthia shares information that will help us as women strive to be real and relevant, as we receive restoration and renewal in our relationships with God and those closest to us. Only then can we take lessons learned and reproduce them in the lives of others in our sphere of influence. ~Dr. Natalie A. Francisco, Pastor, Author, Mentor, Consultant

Life is a mentorship! At any given time in our life we are either the "MENTOR" or the "MENTEE"! Minister Cynthia Patterson speaks life to both situations in how we can pay it forward and learn valuable lessons, no matter which side of the life-mentorship relationship you're on! ~Sonya M. Sloan, M.D., First Lady of The Luke, Founder of ME&WE Inc.

It is our responsibility to invest time, energy and resources to be the best we can to those God assigned to us. This book is a quality resource not just for Mentors but Coaches and Educators as well. I love the yummy stories of women who have overcome, the narrative, and the biblical foundation. This kind of book is long overdue. ~Dee Marshall, Coach, Author, International Speaker, TV Lifestyle Personality, Founder Girlfriends Pray Ministries Global