The Mirage of Love

ABOUT Lady Diana

lady diana
Hi Guys, I am Diana. I am a journalist very profession and I am a writer by passion. I would love to colloborate with other writers, read their works and share mine too. I would love to share reviews and promote each other's works in mutually benefecial ways. Lets coonect on Twitter at ht More...



The novel is a scathing attack on the hypocritical cultural and traditional dogmas of the society. The protagonist of the novel is a married woman who rebels against the norms of the society. After four years of being married and after having served her family with the best of her capacity, she takes a U-turn in her relationships and defies them as it brought to her only a sense of servile existence. She attempts to rise above the menial existence and she tries to assert for an identity beyond the home hemisphere. Her attempts not only lead her to a struggle for ambitious goals but she also embarks on a journey of lust and self-realization. She enters into a relationship with another man and ironically, the illegitimate relationship creates in her a sense of security, identity and independence.



This novel is entirely fictitious and it depicts the struggle of any woman in all her plural existence in any set society. The protagonist is un-named solely for the reason that she represents the universal search for identity among women-kind.