If God had @n Email Address

If God had @n Email Address

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Sha René
"If God had @n Email Address" by Sha René Sha René is the author of the new and powerful book, "If God had @n email Address." Has anyone challenged you to just stop and take a moment from texting, chatting or emailing to talk to God? This book asks pivitol questions  More...



“If God had @n Email Address” Author: Sha René In the world of .coms we email, text, chat, blog and hash-tag. Does anyone ever stop to think about God? If God were on the Social Media circuit would we write to him? If he had a web site how many hits would he get? If on You Tube would there be so many views that the site would shut down? This book questions you to stop for a moment to talk to God. He will speak to you every time because he is always by your side. Challenge yourself to answer the questions in this book and find the path to your personal relationship with God. Join Sha René with this Introspective and Retrospective way to find enlightenment. Write your own email to God and walk down the road to awaken your soul.