Changing the Course of Your Life with YGY Digital Edition

Changing the Course of Your Life with YGY Digital Edition

ABOUT Paul Smit

Paul Smit
Throughout Paul’s life as a direct channel to ONE consciousness, Universal Law and its application, he has accumulated an immense amount of insight about the Soul, its awakening process, the role of emotions and the mind and the act of Creation using infinite intelligence.


"Changing the Course of Your Life" is a pivotal look at the ways and reasons we redirect our lives. It eloquently explains how Law of Attraction works to support YOUR Intention for a better life. Via the insights from "One" Paul Smit reveals how as an evolving being, and you could never stay in a dark place unless you chose to do so.

This book inspires you to relinquish that feeling of depression and look for a solution to your limiting state of being. Your search for a solution allows you to evolve with a new perspective about self. Your soul is the guidance that pushes you to that point when you are out of alignment with who you are, and your intention for being.

We invite you to create new levels of breakthrough in your life with Changing the Course of Your Life. Beautifully illustrated in collaboration with You Goddess You.