Soul Love: A Romantic Journey to Truth

Soul Love: A Romantic Journey to Truth

ABOUT Carolyn Cobelo

Carolyn Cobelo
CAROLYN EWING COBELO, President of Akasha Enerprises and Akasha Entertainment, is a world-renown spiritual healer, author, filmmaker, producer, director and pilgrimage/retreat leader. She has produced and directed two metaphysical film festivals and is the founder and director of the Schoo More...



Many of us settle for less than we want in love. We deny our deepest desires, pretend we are in love, and try to fit our relationships into a fairy tale model. We fight to make it work. We struggle to save a dying relationship. We pick lovers who are unsafe. We wonder why we are so unhappy. Soul Love: A Romantic Journey to Truth is a powerful guide to help you achieve self-realization in love and relationships. The search for soul love is a universal spiritual path that is available to everyone. Whether you seek to manifest the relationship of your desires, or whether you seek greater soul intimacy in your current relationship, you will benefit from reading this book. In these pages you will learn practical ways to attract, recognize, receive, and live in a soul love relationship. Simple guidelines offer assistance in preparing for soul love, transforming fears of intimacy, being in the right place at the right time and maintaining and deepening this love once you have found it. Author Carolyn Cobelo, a renowned healer and spiritual teacher, reveals her own complex personal journey to soul love, including her tendency to fall in love with partners who were not right for her. Carolyn offers hope and reassurance about the reality that life's dark or devastating moments can actually be profound invitations to discover soul love. Soul Love: A Romantic Journey to Truth opens the door to a spiritual path to true love, providing wisdom that can lead you to the joy of reunion and, at the same time, to rapidly grow into the person you have come to Earth to be.