Akasha Prayers

ABOUT Carolyn Cobelo

Carolyn Cobelo
CAROLYN EWING COBELO, President of Akasha Enerprises and Akasha Entertainment, is a world-renown spiritual healer, author, filmmaker, producer, director and pilgrimage/retreat leader. She has produced and directed two metaphysical film festivals and is the founder and director of the Schoo More...



The purpose of Akasha Prayers is to naturally and without effort lift us into greater attunement with the Divine. Akasha Prayers carry a high resonance that helps us to let go of fear, inspire insight, and open our hearts to love and compassion. Renowned healer and spiritual teacher, Carolyn Cobelo, has compiled this collection of the most powerful prayers she has written in her 30-year career as an ordained minister and ceremony leader. Some of the prayers offer deep emotional support and universal spiritual guidance for those undergoing personal crises which involve trauma, loss, fear and pain. Others provide the opportunity to add a spiritual dimension to the celebration of common holidays, such as Christmas, Easter, All Saints' Day and the Fourth of July. Still others increase awareness of the spiritual foundations of ceremonies that honor life transitions such as birth, first day of school, initiation into manhood and womanhood, marriage and death. There are also prayers for honoring the seasons and the annual cycles of the Earth: The Spring Equinox, Summer Solstice, Autumn Equinox and Winter Solstice. The foundation of all the prayers is the knowledge that we are all beacons of light and manifestations of Divine wisdom and love. Even more than the words, which are profound and uplifting, it is the vibration of unconditional love behind the words that makes these prayers unique and effective in instantly shifting ourselves and others into higher levels of spiritual consciousness. This elegant, yet simple, book of prayers is an excellent vehicle for providing emotional and spiritual support, as well as reminding us of the presence and power of Divine love, as we journey through life.