I Want It All: An Alpha Billionaire Romance

I Want It All: An Alpha Billionaire Romance

ABOUT Ville Lehtonen

Ville Lehtonen
I'm Michael Hall. 



Dee has the life that is quite common to most people. She works from nine to five to make ends meet, does her best to stay in shape and has a mother who complains about her love life almost as much as she does about the rich ruining America with their overwhelming greed. Yet during one of those attempts to stay fit, she meets someone new. His name is Ethan and she’s intrigued by him immediately. She doesn't seem care who he is, what he does or that he’s even a different ethnicity. There was a spark there that morning at the gym and she wants to know whether or not it’s the real thing. She accepts to meet the handsome man for lunch unaware that by trying to take care of one of her mother’s peeves, she’s accidentally fallen in love with the other.