Insatiable Part One: Erotica Story Full of Lust and Passion

ABOUT Desiree Yearning

Desiree Yearning



***CAUTION: Hot Read Ahead** Steamy Sex and a Provocative Story..Scintillating Series...Part One of Three


Review: "This is one fantastic read!" Ray B.

Mature Audience Only—Over 18***

A HOT and SEXY quickie series about finding love and fighting addictions.

Can a self-proclaimed slut find love with a sex-addicted hunk or will they screw each other up even more?

Insatiable: Lust for Love is Part 1 of a 3 Part Erotica Novella. This romantic erotica series is about two people facing empty lives, and overwhelming addictions.

Janice’s addictions are out of hand and her family insists she get help NOW.
Their actions lead her to Anthony, a hot as hell hunk who’s battling his own demons.

Her instincts tell her to RUN:

From the help her family is offering
From her overworked life
From facing her addictions
From the disappointment of not finding real love

Can Janice muster the courage to face her fears, or will she lose herself in a world of satiating her addictions just so she can escape the loneliness she’s felt for years? Or will she simply bed Anthony, giving her an excuse to run from what might turn out to be real love?