ABOUT Jennifer-Crystal Johnson

Jennifer-Crystal Johnson
Jennifer-Crystal Johnson is originally from Germany, but was raised all over. She has published one novella under her former last name, The Outside Girl: Perception is Reality (Publish America, 2005 - out of print), a poetry book, Napkin Poetry (Broken Publications, 2010), and a collec More...


"The Ten Pillars of a Happy Relationship is a compendium of cognitive behavioral techniques written in an easy to understand tone. Jen has shared day-to-day examples from her personal life to simplify some complex relationship issues. She is a self-taught guru of relationships. Follow her ten pillars to relationship Nirvana."
Harish Malhotra, MD
Clinical Associate Professor
Department of Psychiatry, Rutgers University Medical School
Distinguished Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association

"The Ten Pillars of a Happy Relationship is the love and relationship primer for anyone looking to take control of their love life. It presents core ideas about healthy relationships such as loving yourself, fear, communication, and trust in bite-sized pieces that are easy to understand and put into practice. The information presented is useful no matter what your relationship goals are or your status is. As Jennifer-Crystal Johnson states, ‘your happiness is your responsibility,’ and this book will get you started down the path of a healthy relationship with yourself and others."
Cija Black
Love and Dating Expert
Author of Modern Love: The Grownup's Guide to Relationships and Online Dating
Creator of Sorting Your Love Baggage on Udemy.com

"The Ten Pillars of a Happy Relationship by Jennifer-Crystal Johnson is a very personal guide to the good relationship. It’s full of insightful tools and anecdotes that help open your eyes and soul to figuring out what feels good to you and what can be expected."
Henriette Eiby Christensen, Author, Counselor, and Speaker