Addicted to my Ego

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Daniel Cohen



This book is more than it seems. In fact, some aspects of it will seem more like science fiction, but none of it is fabrication. It is the journey of a neurologist, a brain doctor, in his quest to understand himself. We are at the threshold of a paradigm shift in our understanding about the brain and mind. In particular, the mind is only in small part derived from the organic brain. This shift in our understanding will redefine how we consider brain (ego), mind (spirit) and heart-centered feelings. Today’s scientific, diagnostic equipment does not measure the mind. As a result, attempts to understand the mind must come through explorations that are presently considered unorthodox or unscientific. However, revolutionary therapeutic technology has been developed and is described in this book. This technology aids us in realizing the greater perceptive capabilities of our mind and enhances our feeling nature, while simultaneously quieting the brain. One can experience the difference between brain function and mind lending further credence that mind and brain are distinct entities. This line of exploration has direct bearing on one of mankind’s most basic questions, “What am I?” This book is by no means a philosophical treatise. It is a down to earth, example driven description of actual events and discussions that link mind and spirit and defines what we truly are. This book is also exceedingly well grounded in our everyday psychology and feelings. One of the inescapable truths to emerge is that we all have become unwittingly addicted to our ego, our false beliefs. This is the root of all addictions and a function of the brain. This is not what we fundamentally are and we needn’t self-identify in this manner. For every problem there is a solution and it is clear that our mind offers us that solution. Learning how to transition from ego to mind is the key, not only to ridding ourselves of addiction, but to becoming authentic human beings. It’s time to make this shift and change your world and mine.

Since I was an adolescent, after reading Autobiography of a Yogi, I always wanted to become an enlightened being. I wanted to study parapsychology and understand what we really are as human beings from an energetic or spiritual perspective. I settled for Neurology and becoming a medical doctor because my ego felt safer doing so. The more I learned about my ego versus my higher self, the more I recognized my need to change. This book chronicles some of the changes I've been through that I believe everyone can relate to. It also provides many practical ways to enhance one's life.

This book broke new ground for me: first in its format, then with its ideas. I took the idea of the title (addicted to ego) as a humorous take on being self-centered, but the author makes a very convincing case that not only is ego addiction a ‘real’ thing (as real as depression, anxiety or bipolar disorder), it is extremely prevalent and actually a root cause for other problems, illnesses and addictions. Also, like addiction, it can be effectively treated.
The author begins with his life story, which clearly presents where his ego identity was created, and where his false beliefs formed. He shares how his false beliefs effected his life in ways that made it easy to evaluate myself and my life events from a different point of view. Then, the book reframes self-identity and uses a fascinating inner dialogue between the filtered self (with all its ego addiction issues and flawed beliefs) and the unfiltered self (who we really are, without all the baggage and insecurities) to show a path to removing the addictive grasp of the ego. As a result, you can discover your more authentic self and get relief from the ego addiction cycle (I didn’t know how badly addicted to my ego I am!).
I believe the concepts in the book will be extremely helpful for me, and hope for more work from this author. And, for what it’s worth, the author’s ‘voice’ sounds nothing like the cover illustration looks! His voice is very humble, conversational and at times very funny. Highly recommended.