Industry Reference Blueprint for Insurance

ABOUT Aman Aggarwal

Aman Aggarwal
Insurance Technology Strategic Leader



Property & Casualty- Reference Edition
A comprehensive 271 page book in 11 inch x 15 inch size with large diagrammatic and detailed view of internal functioning of a complex insurance organization. This book is an essential reference point for the insurance industry executives, providing reference models to enable them to create a formal blueprint of their organization.


  • A reference Insurance Business Model
  • A set of Insurance Information Systems Model for insurance companies
  • A reference Technology Model to support the information systems
  • An approach for mapping the above three views

Why Insurance executives need the Reference Blueprint:



  • Standardize the terminology within & outside the organization
  • Not having to start from scratch for every new initiative
  • Benefit from the best practices vested in a documented reference blueprint
  • Scoping the initiatives "right" and getting a consensus on Scope and Approach
  • Readiness for regulatory, strategic, and/or competitive changes including M&A
  • Determine the impact of any internal or external change on the organization
  • Avoid reinventing the wheel across business and technology
  • Determine appropriate operational structure using industry knowledge as a point of reference
  • Identifying redundancy and optimization opportunities
  • Aligning business and IT
  • Bolster the information technology capabilities with architecture accelerators
  • Application Portfolio Optimization

This Blueprint is NOT aimed at someone trying to learn business of insurance Seasoned

Executives would know that they can easily spend million dollars developing this material in-house (if they would ever succeed). This book would represent a 99.9% savings for such executives buying this material off-the-shelf.