Living in Unison with Religions: ddj's illustration of various religious beliefs, faith and knowledge, their inspirations to life, and applications

ABOUT Chun Tat Bernard Wong

Chun Tat Bernard Wong



The author ddj would like to share his experience in living on the ground of multi-religions. He has been keen on studying various religions. In this book, there are four major religions covered, namely, Christianity, Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism. In addition to the
literature he has read, the author illustrates how he walks the four key steps of religious studies: to believe, to interpret, to act, and to verify. His way of thinking allows him to relate each religion to others. Each religion finds some complementary contents in others. The harmony among different religions thus realized allows him to live in unison with religions.

There is no intention to promote superstitions. Instead, the author shows how religions can be made practical. Many interesting stories are included for better understanding. The readers are also invited to try out the free thinking process to learn about religions.