A train journey to Pune


Murad j
A graduate in science, masters in people management, selling insurance for a living, but a writer (and a reader) at heart. If the concept of karma and reincarnation is true then I must have been a worm inside some old book of Charles Dickens in my previous life. I do not pride myself of be More...



A Humorous take on the chaos surrounding the life in Mumbai, the financial capital of India. I call it the 'human capital' of India, simply because of the sheer number of people living in the city. And where there are people, there are stories!

India is the (second) most populous nation on the earth. And if you thought that was too much then you should visit Mumbai, the financial capital of India. I call it the 'human capital' of India. Simply because of sheer number of people living within the confines of this port city, which the colonial British called Bombay. Life in Mumbai call be a pain sometimes with the constant competition with your fellow 'mumbaikar' for everything, from getting a humble auto-rickshaw ride to getting the all important, ultimate dream of owing a house. And of course the most important of all, boarding a train, the lifeline of Mumbai. To an outsider, life in Mumbai might seem, eh... impossible. But there is more to it than what meets the eye. Beneath all the chaos, there is a unique orderliness, and behind all those people, there are numerous stories! For whereever there are people there are always stories... 'A Train Journey to Pune' is one of those.