Self Help: RESET Control, Alt, Delete, Get Self Help, Positive Thinking, Live a Happier Life (Self-Help: Spiritual and Personal Growth Books Book 2)

Self-Help and Personal Development

By Brian Good

Publisher : Big Bang Publisher

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Brian Good



Learn how to rise from the ashes of defeat. Get self-help, Embrace positive thinking, Live a happier life, and Find your destiny. Get started today, for a limited time when you Order the RESET: Control, Alt, Delete book for only $2.99 and submit your Order Confirmation by email to Brian (at), you will receive “Quotes Of Wisdom To Live By during a Free Book Promotion. We will notify you by email.

If you wish for that inner serenity, personal growth, and fulfillment in life, it is possible! RESET: Control, Alt, Delete, unlike other self-help books is written specifically to help you to find the encouragement, strength, and personal growth that you will need to change your perspective with positive thinking so you can live a hopeful life that creates a path allowing you to find your destiny.

RESET: Control, Alt, Delete is a synopsis of his triumphs over life’s challenges, hardships, and obstacles and his struggles with mental health, meant to encourage struggling individuals make sense of the world and find hope to live a meaningful life.

You will decipher the truth about how to find happiness and meet your destiny. If you haven’t developed a passion, concept, or goal for your life and an action plan on the best way to achieve it, you will never know whether you could have made it to a place you once thought was impossible. The author asks you to develop a passion based on what you enjoy most in your life. Write it down and let others know about it. Finding your destiny is not just finding out what makes you happy. You need to take the necessary steps to put your life on the right course to develop your passion. Never put your destiny in the hands of a naysayer, don’t listen to them.

As you absorb each chapter you will learn that no one can defeat you; you can only defeat yourself. If you face your challenges, hardships, and obstacles with positive thinking, it takes half the effort to overcome them.

You do not have to give up on the dream and your destiny – to a painful and unsatisfying existence. It was Brian's shaking off of others’ mistreatment of him that freed him from his suffering. There is hope and a way out! Help yourself by reading RESET: Control, Alt, Delete, you will be encouraged to implement a Health, Fitness Dieting, Program that will change your life for the better.

Becoming unstuck and resetting your life reflects the heart of this motivational book, as the author beseeches the reader to consider areas of life that can weigh them down, such as hardship, fear, and depression, which can seek to drive them to give up.

You too do not have to be held captive by fear, anxiety, or depression. What the author has learned from his personal experiences can give you hope. Your life will improve. Peace is for those who seek it.

It took Brian many years to learn the lessons expressed in RESET: Control, Alt, Delete. You will find wisdom in the pearls that have washed ashore – as a result of the author’s own hurricanes – and count yourself a survivor. It is his hope that you and others know. You are not Alone or Forgotten.

There’s always the possibility of a storm on the horizon. Hurricanes are always part of our struggle for existence. Be ready to deal with life's sudden changes. Living in the present and being a survivor will always be how the author stays in the eye of his hurricanes – safe from the storm around him – challenges, hardships, and obstacles are a part of life.

The hurricanes keep coming; I gain strength with each pearl of wisdom.

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I decided to become a writer so that I could help others. With "Never Surrender Your Soul" I aim to reach out to anyone who is down, sad, hopeless, in pain, or thinks life is no longer worth living. I want them to know that they are not alone in their experiences. I feel that what I learned from my own personal experiences can give people hope. I became homeless for ten months from December 2010 to September 2011, while writing two books simultaneously over a period of six years. I ended up homeless, because I pushed myself so much during the writing of "RESET: Control Alt, Delete" which resulted in putting other peoples' needs ahead of mine. While writing "Never Surrender Your Soul," and RESET: Control Alt, Delete I usually spent ten to twelve hours a day, six days a week writing. For two years during this time, I averaged two hours of sleep a night. Due to my full schedule, in addition to a lack of sleep, I had poor eating habits/diet, a lack of exercise, and a lacking social life. I was trying to run my skincare business at the same time. I am really good at multi-tasking, but I don't know when to quit. Because I tried to take my life, I have become a very driven individual. Today I am well and at peace. I wrote "Never Surrender Your Soul" and RESET: Control Alt, Delete to help other people. I found out after the book was published that in writing the book I saved myself. No one can defeat you. You can only defeat yourself. No one can truly save you. You must save yourself.