ABOUT Diane Hall

Diane Hall
Diane Hall is a novelist and Angel intuitive who channels her spiritual gifts and passions into writing imaginative fiction, poetry, essays and articles about love, life, spiritual evolution, and the challenges of communication between worlds... She is inspired by her Guides and the Angeli More...



A collection of 222 inspired messages to enrich the soul, heal the heart and calm the mind and spirit. The Daily Guidance Oracle is an inspirational divination tool, based on a collection of beautiful, uplifting messages, created by author and medium, Diane Hall and inspired by her guides.

Allow these messages to guide and inspire you when you are faced with a dilemma, or to form the basis of meditations and group discussions. Just close your eyes with a question or situation in mind and ask to be guided to the right answer.

Hold the book and see where your hands land as you thumb through. Or if you wish to use the book as a way of developing your intuition and increasing your ability to connect with the higher dimensions, just ask your angels and guides to inspire you with the right number, and find its meaning in the book.