The Balcony View Revisited: Introduction of the Lovers Revisited (Volume 1)


By Katrinas Gurl

Publisher : Steamy Trails Publishing

ABOUT Katrinas Gurl

Katrinas Gurl
In 2009, Katrina’s dream came true when she became a published author of The Balcony View Revisited and thanks to her wonderful readers; she has become even more in love and dedicated to writing. She loves hot white mocha's as she writes, hates writing one story at a time and is afraid o More...



What erotically makes your heart pump, breathing change, desire swell and passion over flow with desire? Is it a smell, a smile, a look, someone’s words or a touch? Whatever it is that turns you on to the point of no return, “The Balcony View Series” will stimulate your sensual side.