Unconditional: A Love Without Limits Anthology

Unconditional: A Love Without Limits Anthology

ABOUT Rachel Marks

Rachel Marks


Life isn't easy. Love is harder. Love cuts, love burns and sometimes love breaks.

But living a half-life, living with regrets, that’s no life at all.

People say we’re broken, not like other people. Maybe that’s true—ability, disability—what’s in a word? So whatever the world throws at us, we won’t stop, we won’t crumble. When we love, we love hard.

Love without limits.

Unconditional is an Anthology from authors Stacey Wallace Benefiel, Jane Harvey-Berrick, Sarina Bowen, Mary Elizabeth, D.Hart, Amber L. Johnson, CJ Lyons, Lauren K. McKellar, Shay Savage, and Magan Vernon.

Crossing by Stacey Wallace Benefiel

The Education of Caroline by Jane Havery-Berrick

Falling From The Sky by Sarina Bowen

True Love Way by Mary Elizabeth

Forgotten Treasures by D. Hart

Puddle Jumping by Amber L. Johnson

Lost In Shadows by CJ Lyons

The Problem With Crazy by Lauren K. McKellar

Surviving Raine by Shay Savage

The Only One by Magan Vernon