Fools in Love

Fools in Love

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gjoe uzor
My name is gjoe uzor i am a counsellor, i study history and in university. i counsel young adult and teenage. I have been a writter since when i was a teenager i love writing love poems,children stories and this is my first book ever. I am love with romance fictions and i love to read More...



In the world of high school life is rough, but for Stasee and Damen things will heat up as they try to figure out social standings and a budding romance. Along the way Stasee who has been quiet and withdrawn all her life makes new friends and learns life's lessons the hard way. Damen is the popular guy who sees through Stasee's backwardness to the gem within but when his social standing is in question he runs. Can Damen and Stasee overcome their differences and realize what they have or are they just fools in love?

Gjoe Uzor has a degree in history and political science at OAU University of Nigeria ile-ife, and a six month professional course in Global health at Harvard university. Gjoe Uzor is engaged to Brianna Cole who is his editor and co-author. He enjoys writing romance books, children's books, action books , poems and poetry. He also enjoys spending time with his fiance and two soon to be step-children.

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