Muhammad the Prophet: Miracles and signs of prophet hood (Authentic Islam Book 1)

ABOUT Farid Khamis

farid khamis
Writer researcher in the field of religion; specializing in Islam dogma; history; sacred texts.



This book is a collection of authentic texts that recount; miracles and wonders performed by the prophet Muhammad, all the texts contained in this book are authentic from a historical perspective, collected from the most important collections of Islamic tradition. I included in my book texts that explicitly tell miracles or contain facts and stories that attest the veracity of the Muhammadan claim.

this book is the only one that contain only the authentic texts, all other books that fit in the same category present all the existing texts in the sources without separating fact from fiction nor even mention the degree of authenticity of these texts, leaving the reader in front of an infinite number of stories, which sometimes if not often fall under the myth and legendary.