Let's Celebrate Advent Every Day!: Through Practicing God's Presence!

ABOUT M. J Andre

M. J Andre
I am an outcast who has been apprehended by my God and since then, it has been an unending love affair between me and my Lord & Savior


Living the Christian life in the presence of God, where we are consciously aware of God's presence at all times, does not get any better. However, like everything else in life, it takes practice, self-discipline, and patience. In an era where time is a rare commodity, this small book will challenge you and encourage you enough to start your discipline of practicing the presence of God. Which means an intimate relationship between you and God. A relationship where we acquire the ability to turn our thoughts automatically and instinctively toward God. In short, practicing the presence of God, is a contemplative life where our will is turned over to Him as well as our mind, heart and spirit completely turned over to the lover of our soul.
You have twenty-five days of meditations and prayers along with short prayers that you can use while taking a walk, driving, doing chores around the house, during business hours when you are at work, etc... Advent is a time of hope and expectancy. A time where God’s love has changed our lives forever and as Christians, every day should be lived purposely with hope in our Redeemer,and in expectancy and the love of God. So, while the theme of this book is about Advent, the meditations and prayers can be practiced 365 days a year. They are the same prayers that I used in my life to learn the practice of the presence of God.