The Archetypes: Interpreting Spiritual and Occult Symbolisms (The Archetypes Series) (Volume 1)

ABOUT Vishanth Panakkal

Vishanth  Panakkal



The title contains five chapters with pictorial presentations that explain the hidden meaning and symbolisms portrayed in today’s mass-media, corporate logos and religious texts. The book is the first edition of a series that will be followed in coming months. Showing how symbols can lead to transformational and psychological resonance. In these five chapters, the title explores in detail the occult and spiritual dimension in the symbolism of ‘transcendence’ portrayed in many movies, the meaning behind Stanley Kubrick’s magnum opus ‘2001: A Space Odyssey, the symbolism and meaning behind the controversial music video ‘Hurricane’ by Thirty Seconds to Mars, secret behind the famous Apple’s Inc ‘logo’ and finally the explaining the real meaning of the mythical ‘Garden of Eden.’ Many of the signs portrayed in these mediums are hard to decipher, and barely recognizable while viewing as a viewer. Hence leaping into deeper perspective needs time, commitment and more over judgement without prejudice. Due to this reason, each chapter are carefully woven for the readers to comprehend the truth, rather than propagating falsehood.