Road To Devotion: The Midnight Riders Series

ABOUT Christine Murphy

Christine Murphy
Christine Murphy is a romance writer focusing on the paranormal romance arena. She is an active member of the Romance Writer's of America (RWA). She is the creator of The Sphinx Warriors Series, The Midnight Riders Series, and The Wild Clan Sagas. Traveling throughout the United States an More...



Tristan risks his life alongside the Midnight Riders in the fight against the Scythian Spirit Reapers but in the end his involvement costs him his life, at least until the Sun Goddess brings him back making him one of the immortal Riders. Trying to deal with the loss of Tristan, Jaimie will be kidnapped by Tristan’s insane step-father, David. Tristan will save her and reveal what he is and the battle of the Midnight Riders against Scythian Spirit Reapers. Even in the face of an angered Sun Goddess, Jaimie will make a vow to retrieve the Compass of Devotion to save both Tristan and the Riders from the uncontrolled anger of the Goddess. Risking it all she will confront David, the Scythian Spirit Reapers, the Sun Goddess herself, and her own mortality. She will be victorious and return to Tristan with powers that will aid in the fight against evil and with a love of a Spirit Heart that will conquer even death.