Get Unstuck Now: Changing Your Story, Unleashes Your Power to Move On and Be Happy (Volume 1)

ABOUT Jackie Capers-Brown

Jackie Capers-Brown
Hello O'Brave One, I am the CEO of Grow Forward & Flourish Training and Consulting and the founder of "The Brave New You Project." I am a "Champion of Possibility."  I help individuals develop empowering perspectives about who they are, who they can become, what More...



You have tried a few ways to get unstuck to no avail. There are few things more frustrating than pouring your heart into changing a situation only to feel as if you’re spinning your wheels and getting nowhere. Right?

In "Get Unstuck Now," Jackie Capers-Brown “The Inner-Game Strategist” helps you get clear on how much of your life is shaped by the stories you tell yourself about yourself and the meanings you’ve attached to experiences – and then she empowers you with transformational truths, proven theories and life tested strategies to help you discover, connect, and unleash the power within you to transform your inner game. As you transform your inner game, you’ll amplify your effectiveness towards achieving the progress you desire.


For twenty years, Jackie Capers-Brown used the practice of “flipping the script”, her faith, intuition, work ethic and wisdom of mentors to go from earning minimum wage to become an award-winning leader and general manager of million dollar businesses. After the unexpected death of her fourteen-year-old son Blease, she experienced a mental and emotional hell she wouldn’t wish on an enemy. As she navigated a new normal, Brown tuned-into the wisdom of her inner-guide and recognized a pattern of intuitive actions which enabled her to reconnect to her power, move beyond heartache, disappointments and adversity and experience greater happiness and success. She calls the framework of actions: My DRIVE Advantage™ Strategy.


Today, as an author, speaker, mentor and personal growth teacher, Brown helps individuals empower themselves by sharing personal practices, evolving insights on the power of personal narratives and, a strategic plan of actions for developing a quiet confidence in their ability to manifest new possibilities in their personal and professional life.


In "Get Unstuck Now," Brown combines inner work exercises and effective practices that will enable you to:


  • Discover, connect and own your authentic power
  • Feel more confident in everything you do
  • Liberate yourself from negative emotional baggage
  • Boost your emotional energy
  • Develop practices to stop undermining yourself
  • Nurture a healthy sense of self-worth to manage the voice of your inner-critic
  • Cultivate rewarding and supportive relationships
  • Create a practical plan for achieving your breakthrough by implementing the My DRIVE Advantage™ Strategy