Comanche Haven (The Loflin Legacy: Book 1)


By Catherine Wolffe

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Catherine Wolffe



Celia, the half-breed Comanche and Seth Loflin, a Texas rancher haven't seen each other in twelve years - not since Seth was sent off to West Point and Celia was accused of criminal activity by Earl Loflin, Seth's father.

Secretly spirited away to the safety of her grandmother's in South Carolina by men loyal to Seth, Celia soon discovers a new world in the life of a student at the best finishing school for young ladies that Charleston, South Carolina can provide.

When Celia receives word that her father, Lone Eagle is ill and needs her skills as a nurse to have any chance of survival, she must venture again out into the unknown and return to her home. Will the locals welcome her with open arms? Will Seth? (103,411 words)

By mrsC on January 9, 2013
Format: Paperback
Really enjoyed this book and loved the period setting. Quite a typical first outlook; boy meets girl, but it wasn't a typical romance, with race factors and peril thrown in too. Loflin is a strong wilful man's man and Celia is a mixed race Indian woman with beauty and brains together they make a formidable team. the story was strong all the way through and let me wanting more.
Format: Kindle Edition
Review: The words painted a picture that I don’t think I would ever get out of my mind. I felt like I was transported to the past. I was shocked at the emotions that this book awoke inside me.

The setting was jumping off the page. It showed how each detail of this book was designed to work together to make a picture that the reader would not forget.

The story line had ups and downs that had me on the edge of my seat. I hated the bad guy, Brannon, for many reasons and others not in the book.

Seth is a cowboy I could and did fall in love with. He is my new book Boyfriend! Wow, I wish I could jump inside of this book and take him from Celia!

Don’t get me wrong, Celia is a great character. She was strong willed and stayed that way through out the book, made me love her. As she is a great character, Seth is a greater character to handle someone like her.

The ending was at the same pace as the rest of the book. It ended just where I thought it would. I was very satisfed with it.

If someone likes Lori Wilde’s way of writing, they would love this book even though it is not the same branch off of Romance.

Quote: I love this quote. This is what loving someone is about.
“You want me to stay? You want me to stay and give you a chance?” Slowly she moved away from his hold. She’d never be able to keep her face blank if she remained in his arms and she didn’t want him to see the sheer joy dancing across her face at that moment.

“I will make a believer out of you, Little One, I promise. Say you’ll stay.”

“You actually want me to stay after all that’s happened? What kind of life would that be for either of us?”

He stepped toward her and his next words showed desperation. “Yes, I do. It would be our life together. Just say you’ll try.”

5 Stars
By Relleman on August 9, 2013
Format: Kindle Edition
This is the first works I have read from this author, and I would look for more in the future. I liked Comanche Haven even though I found it hard to follow the story line at some times. Some things were really rushed and it left out things that I thought would have been important.. ex like during the fight she was holding Red Bears sash.. Well, what happened exactly to him, who killed him? The Rangers? So many people in the book just disappeared and were never read about again, or the people would just be in another place and time leaving me scratching my head. Maybe they will be in another book? The book flowed ok, but could have been so much smoother.
Now all that is said let me tell you what I did like about the book. I loved that no matter what love won out. And I found that I loved how the characters are so well developed and detailed. I eagerly look forward to reading about Broken Horse! I hope his story will not be left out. And boy when this author wants you to think of someone as a bad guy, whew, they are some really bad guys. I wanted to yell at the Ranger thru my Kindle. And maybe I missed it but who was the stalker stranger looking at them from the alley, the Ranger?
I am hoping there is more to come. Like a book for Ty, and say.... Broken Horse.. Perhaps Charles. I think I can tell who Maggie will set Charles up with.
Wonder what the world I am talking about, and who these people are? Get the book. You'll be hooked, I was.
*this book was given to me for an honest review*