Autism: A Plausible Cause, A Feasible Cure - An Alternative Viewpoint

ABOUT Miriam Jaskierowicz Arman

Miriam Jaskierowicz Arman
Vocal Pedagogue/Re-constructionist, Author, Lecturer, Fine Artist, Poet

Miriam Jaskierowicz was born in post war Germany to parents who had survived the concentration camps. Her family immigrated to America in 1962. Miriam was educated in both the USA and in Europe. She has live More...



The information contained in this book is life changing...From birth to death, involving every epoch of our existence. Here are options! Here are possibilities and here is an enormous potential for astounding changes that can be gleaned. You must dare to be extraordinary!!! You must take hold of your unborn child's life, from the DAY BEFORE its birth. Demand your rights! Demand health! Demand truth!!! Here are the tools!!! Whether or not you chose to comprehend this information and listen, is always up to you. The decision of either accepting it, or shoving this knowledge under the carpet, is of course yours. You have tried so many things; have chased so many possibilities to give your child/parent the opportunity for a better, healthier and more meaningful life. In so many instances, you have failed. So much hurt and disappointment- Not because of you, but because of precious data withheld. This way is simple yet daring, incredibly logical yet unknown to the general public. This, until now has been kept covert - perhaps because it is politically incorrect, perhaps because no one has put it all together, perhaps because it does not generate millions, perhaps because the time is NOW!.... Now you have the way to make changes - in your life, that of a loved one and the world as a whole. Life can be beautiful again - at any age! Help yourself and help the world!!!

The revelations made in this book are life changing and must be read by Every Pregnant Woman alive...must be read by pediatricians who deliver babies, must be read by Md's , nutritionists (will not want not hear this, but must if they care about their patients) gynecologists, and parents of children who are autistic ...This information is CRITICAL to any woman who is planning on having her baby with induced labor... Altzheimer patients, any neurological disorder patient at any age...ADD, other words...the world must read this book and the information must be defused to the United Nations Health Council and things have to change!!! Big Pharma - you are not going to like this, but then getting patients off your horror medicines is what this is all about - you are poisoning the world...and our children ...