Shipped and Handled (Romance on the Go)

ABOUT Claude Dancourt

Claude Dancourt
Canadian with a passion for words and applied science. Indiana Jones' fanatic. Still looking to build a time machine. Love music, Ceylan tea, and Hazelnuts flavored coffee. Housing one plant and a cat with an attitude. Addicted to Doctor Who, Supernatural, and Magnum P.I. Team Loki.  Go Habs!


Dawn Cunningham craves winter the way other women crave chocolate. She longs for the crisp days on the slopes and the exhilarating rush of downhills runs. Once winter settles in, she’ll have her job as a ski instructor back. In the meantime, she’s stuck in a horrid brown uniform, delivering packages and letters.

On the bright side, her current delivery brings her to the town's newest—and definitely hottest—resident, Brendan Petry. The catch? She’s bringing him lingerie he mail-ordered, probably for his girlfriend. At least she’ll have a closer look at her fantasy man.

Brendan never faced a Vermont winter, but if every snowstorm fetches the delicious Dawn Cunningham to his doorstep, he’s more than ready for the cold season. But if she believes he will settle for only one night, she’d better think again.