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Expiry date is not a love story—it is the story of love
Anant—the protagonist, while contemplating on his unsuccessful life, finds a new-born baby-girl abandoned in a garbage bin. The event changes first his perspective on life, then his life itself. He matures to take the brunt of destiny bravely when he knows why fate has punished him with unhappiness. He finds out the cause of his misery—that one mistake of his past.
You do not know when a tear drop rolls down your cheeks or when you catch yourself smiling at your self—so simply involving are the twists of his fate that you are drawn-in to empathize with Anant. One love that he lost in ignorance, another love that he found but could not cherish, and the tumultuous sweet and sour events lead him to find the true meaning of love all over again. Will he be third time lucky?
The new-born baby-girl—abandoned to die in the garbage bin. With rodents nibbling at her in the scorching tropical heat of Mumbai—was she destined to die a torturous death?
Asmi—the young widow is staring at a strange travesty of fate. Educated abroad, she was pushed to the edge to maintain her sanity and self-respect while withstanding the expectations of orthodox Indian traditions, when life let loose flood of miseries upon her.
Jayant—flying on the wings of positivity, discovers and propagates a paradigm shift to our understanding of the divine; he is an example of meaningful living.
Death—the expiry date of our life
But does it mean the end dot in a life sentence?
Living a life full of love is not just having life but owning it, being alive in life, living as living should be, life as life should be—experiencing life, negotiating with the lows, breezing through the highs, learning from our own experience—the first hand experience of living