When Everyone Shines INCLUDING You (The Shine Series Book 2)

When Everyone Shines INCLUDING You (The Shine Series Book 2)

ABOUT Kelly Martin

Kelly Martin
Kelly Martin is a passionate and unconventional metaphysical thinker and writer who has been questioning reality since 1999. Writing on her blog Kelly Martin Speaks and speaking on YouTube she traces her journey from shyness to greater confidence. 

Kelly has explored many di More...


Hiding is no longer an option.

Being seen, being heard and sharing your light with the world is calling you. Are you ready to take the leap into the great unknown, to leave the stories of the past behind, and shine?

'When Everyone Shines INCLUDING You' (Book 2 in 'The Shine Series), takes the reader on a journey through the stages of climbing onto the scary stage of life.

Not everyone is able to go leaping into the spotlight easily. Not everyone has the confidence to shout from the rooftops, 'Look at me; here I am!' After many years of feeling invisible, feeling like a failure, shining is a huge step.

In Book 2 in 'The Shine Series' you will:

• Learn how to stop pushing against the flow as you step into your power.
• Discover how to embrace your ego without becoming arrogant.
• Embrace and honour your personal limitations and then release them.
• Awaken to your own value and share your worth with the world.

'When Everyone Shines INCLUDING You' will make the journey a more fulfilling and compassionate experience, revealing how your humanity holds your greatest gifts and how vulnerability is your greatest strength.