Save The Males Cookbook: The Stress-Free Guide for First-Time Cooks to Set-Up & Use Your Kitchen Like a Pro

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Reparata Mazzola



Save the Males is the definitive guide for first-time cooks to set-up and use your kitchen like a pro!

Chef Gordon knows the kitchen is one place in this hectic world where you can have success without stress! He shows how cooking can improve your looks, your health and even your sex life.


  Learn to easily make the switch from prepared foods to foods you prepare.  With chapters such as “Your Equipment Does Matter,” “Cook for a Day, Eat for A Week,” and “Recipes for Romance” you will be both entertained and educated on your journey to cooking mastery!

If you know anyone living on fast food and take-out, get this book and get them cooking!

This easy guide includes step-by-step tutorials.