Divine Orchestration (The Glad Game Revisited - Your 21 Day Journey into Vibrational Alignment)


Alva v.H
Reaching from a place of Respect, Truth, Integrity and Love, Alva honours our Free Will and recognizes that we are all Co-Creators of our own Reality with the Universe. Her Intention is to Guide us, to Heal from the past and to Realize our Full Potential in the NOW. Furthermore, to assist  More...



THIS BOOK has been crafted with Love & Care and is presented to you in the hope you may make the best use of it to further your state of Well-Being, Joy, Harmony, Abundance and Prosperity as you journey through your experience of life.
It is written around the core belief I hold which is based on the premise that all is already given, hence we are already, NOW - 'there', at all times - there where we wish to BE.
We already have all we need, all that which we believe we need in order to experience HAPPINESS.
Therefore, given this notion we are already complete and whole to begin with.
In other words, only when we Re-learn to SEE and FEEL our experience differently, will we be able to witness the MIRACLES around us.
This Re-learning process in order to be able to see and feel our NOW as such, is the prerequisite for our HAPPINESS.
The 'Glad Game Revisited' course is as such a method to guide you in this direction.
It is designed as a powerful TOOL to achieve this GOAL.
This step by step course will empower your Soul & Spirit assisting you to further restore CLARITY with EASE & GRACE, being able to EMBRACE your destiny & FLOW, so as to finally MANIFEST your deepest DESIRES.
That said, know this, the common belief which you may still hold at this time is one that follows along the lines of your 'Pre-Conditioning' up till now, which is for the most part based on the assumption that Gain of any kind is only to be achieved through effort, hardship, labouring and complexity.
As you will discover this is not the truth that lays within those Teachings you will be presented with in this book...
The process you are about to go through may seem simple, natural, easy to learn and follow - yet it is at the same time profoundly powerful.
It will free you from the need to seek any further, as you will have reached - Long Lasting 'Vibrational Alignment', essential for the achievement of your Goals.
It will reveal the secret of your True Sovereignty and Creative Force, the fundamental principle Great Mystics have been teaching all along, which is at times either misunderstood or badly interpreted...
In order to proceed along these Lines of Thought, you will – in Book I - be first led to come to some general understandings of these Universal laws in form of a short 'THEORY COURSE', submitted to you in a concise manner using practical terms.
Along this course certain ideas reveal themselves as they will be dealt with, unfolding on different levels & re-enforcing different aspects of the same.
This will ensure that as you reach for Book II which is the 'PRACTICAL COURSE' and are initiated into the 'Glad Game Revisited' Modalities you will have already gone through the necessary cognitive SHIFT and are ready to receive and allow for it to serve its purpose. You will then get under way with 'Playing the Game' for Three Weeks - during which time the RE-Calibration and necessary 'Frequency Adjustments' will take place so as to have you vibrationally Aligned and ready for Book III – which is the 'MANIFESTATION COURSE' where you will finally have emerged fully transformed and ready to be guided through the process of Manifesting Your Desires as the CoCreator you were born to be – a Designer of your DREAM-LIFE.
And Now, only this remains to be said - Expect Miracles and Nothing Less!