My God is a Trinity: Understanding the Godhead through the words of Christ

My God is a Trinity: Understanding the Godhead through the words of Christ


Rev. Jerry Kofi Tutu is a TV Evangelist and the host of the Christian television program, “Amazing Grace” that broadcasts in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut in the U.S.A. He is an anointed bible teacher with deep revelation insight, whose ministry has blessed thousands of people  More...



Lack of understanding of the concept of the Holy Trinity has plagued the church of Jesus Christ for more than two thousand years. But this doctrine is not difficult to understand when we restrict ourselves solely to the sayings of our Lord Jesus Christ -the author and finisher of our faith. Although the bible does not mention the word “Trinity” in all the books, however, there is a word mentioned in the bible that confirms the doctrine of the Holy Trinity. This word reveals the plurality-in-unity of the divine nature of God. The word “Godhead” appeared 3 times in the New Testament and an in-depth study of this word, unveils the concept of the Holy Trinity. It was translated from the Greek word “THEIOS” which is translated in Thayer’s Greek-English Lexicon of the New Testament as the Holy Trinity comprising the Father, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. So the bible do, indeed, mention the Holy Trinity but by a different name. As a former Muslim, the subject of the Holy Trinity became a major stumbling block in my early Christian walk and therefore I devoted almost two decades of my life seeking for answers to this elusive Christian doctrine. Progressively, the Lord gradually revealed this concept to me in a very easy to understand manner. So, in this book, you will find answers to some of the questions that most of us ask in our quest to understand the Holy Trinity. For example, is Jesus Christ the same as God? Or is Jesus Christ the only Begotten Son of God? What did Jesus imply when He said “I and the Father are one”. Was He denying the Holy Spirit as part of the trinity since He didn’t say, “I, the Father and the Holy Spirit are one” but instead He left out the Holy Spirit and said, “I and the Father are one”. These and many other probing questions would be answered based on the sayings of our Lord Jesus Christ. Moreover, did Christendom borrow the doctrine of the trinity from pagan religions in antiquity at the Council of Catholic Bishops at Nicaea in the fourth century AD? Or did the council of Nicaea echo a truth recorded in the bible from the beginning of time? The Holy Scriptures clearly unveils God to the reader without any ambiguity but human interpretations had confused this doctrine thus making it difficult to understand. The bible does not address the Holy Trinity as God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. Instead, the bible addresses the Holy Trinity as God the Father, the Son of God and the Holy Spirit of God. So, what is the difference between these two descriptions? Through the pages of this book, you will find answers to these and many other probing questions. Jesus Christ, in the Gospels, answered all these questions.