Christianity (The Deceit): Is Your Belief the True Spiritual Path

Religion & Spirituality

By Claude Roberts

Publisher : CreateSpace

ABOUT Claude Roberts

Claude Roberts
Claude Roberts is an intellectual scholar. He's studied world religion for over 15 years spending much of his time researching foreign practices, doctrines and other writer’s books as it relates to (Religion) Christianity. Claude has participated in forums, theology seminars, gave limite More...



Evidently, we have become a world of "democratic partiality " Everything from our speech, actions, and way of life to cultural ideals is lost. As a result, unfamiliar traditions have set our cultural bounds of Christianity especially the ways in which people define that belief. For a majority this is how we explain our religion, others proclaim undeniable faith through it. So the question becomes, what is Christianity, how has religion shaped this country including the way individuals form opinions towards them, are the beliefs we have embraced sound practices of someone's enduring fate? Christianity (The Deceit) brings clarity in face of controversial attribution questioning scriptures validity (God's inerrant word) including its accuracy. Within this book, history reveals itself, and In the end, fallacies are refuted, revealing verity in what this world controverts.

There are countless deceitful religions masking their true principles, and Christianity (The Deceit) discovers them arming you with the necessary tools, terminology, but most importantly knowledge to detect and defend against these deceiving false doctrines that continue to mislead millions. Through this book Claude Roberts helps draw a more open perspective for your disbelief or doubts, creating a more purposeful understanding by allowing the Bible to speak.

Today, our societal woes continue to shape traditional and cultural ideals into a worldly non-biblical nation. Unfortunately, more of those things are continually being stripped away by ordinances, resolutions and laws forced upon us with no alternative recourse, not to mention worldly influences from all spectrum's of media. Consequently, countless religious leaders are contributing to outlawing true Christianity, at least in the biblical nature of God’s word and provisions. Moreover, any conceivable thought or action of instilling the values we were once established on is being overshadowed by a Post Modern nation where everything is relative and all viewpoints become valid.