How to Beat Criticism and Feel Good: Learn to shrug it off and move forward

ABOUT Awen Finn

Awen Finn


When were you last criticized? A week ago, a few days ago, or was it yesterday? And why were you criticized? Or to phrase it another way, what was wrong with you? Were you playing music too loudly, taking someone for granted? Were you too fat, too untidy, spend thrifty, distracted, late, or were you simply wearing the wrong outfit? Have you felt the pain and shame of criticism? If you are like me, you have; so I’ve written this little book to show you that you are not alone and, more importantly, this book offers practical advice and simple techniques to help you beat criticism and feel good.

Loving, constructive criticism can be helpful, but let’s face it, how much criticism is truly constructive? Oftentimes receiving criticism is unnecessary and hurtful. If you feel like you are drowning from being told what’s wrong with you, it may be time to say “Enough!” Isn’t it time to reclaim your power and beat criticism? We all deserve to feel good. It’s our natural state of being.


In this concise, easily read book and in her signature conversational style, Awen Finn offers practical advice and simple techniques for how to beat criticism and make your life happier.

Awen’s advice will show you how to:
•Recognize the tell-tale signs of criticism
•Respond confidently to criticism
•Free yourself from the negative clutches of criticism
•Empower you to live a happy life and feel good

How to Beat Criticism and Feel Good has the potential to turn around your relationships and help you feel good with all of the people in your life.