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June Lundgren
June Lundgren is a psychic-medium, animal communicator, healer, professional nurse and author. She comes from a long line of psychic women. Mentored by her maternal grandmother, June learned at an early age to use her gifts to help others.
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Do angels, ghosts and demons really exist, or are they a figment of our over active imagination? Can ghosts, demons and spirits harm you? If you don't believe in them they can't bother you right? How can you protect yourself against the paranormal? Do we live once and it's all over or do we come back time and again to live new lives? In this book, you will gain information about the paranormal from a psychic-mediums perspective. As a psychic medium I have gathered a lot of information about the other side. The book covers over more than 40 years of paranormal related information interspersed with my own personal paranormal encounters. Anyone who is interested in the paranormal including ghosts, demons, orbs and hauntings will enjoy the many topics covered in this book. Those interested in spiritualism, new age topics and metaphysics will find many of the chapters such as past lives, possession and death and the soul connection. People who are experiencing their own paranormal occurrences such as hauntings and spirit attachments will find help and information to help them. People of all ages, walks of life and many religions will find something of interest in the book. Even those who do not believe in the paranormal will enjoy many of the thought provoking topics covered in this book.

I have been a psychic medium all my life and over the forty years. During that time people have asked me many questions, seeking answers to their paranormal issues. I decided that people need something to help them answer their questions. I want to empower people to help themselves not have to come to someone like myself, but instead make the connection between themselves and their guides and guardians.

~~I have read many books about the wide topics presented in this book; they all begin to sound alike. But this one is unique - perhaps because the author is so passionate about the necessity to clear up many of the misconceptions that separate most of us from God. God has urged Lundgren to get this information out now, before it is too late.

The urgency is that, because we are entering a new enlightened time where God's New Kingdom must be built by all those who know Him as He is: a "God of Love", a God who holds no judgment about suicide, homosexuality, abortion, those of differing religions or those who have no religion at all. In this New Time great beings are being reincarnated to lead us and show the ways of love and forgiveness, compassion for all those who suffer needlessly. The author wants us to feel the love and acceptance of the Real God that she speaks to regularly, as did Joan of Arc. Lundgren believes that the Saints of old will be returning to this physical world in in the near future. June Lundgren appears to be their ambassador or herald. They come to bring us this same message, to write the New Scriptures, and to show us how to recreate our world before we destroy ourselves.

I have always been interested in higher psychic, information that explains the unexplainable phenomena that we are encountering more and more during the last 10 years. Information about lay lines, ghosts, Angels. Demons, the Dark Side of Reality. I was spellbound. the best part is that the book teaches us how to recognize and then protect ourselves from psychic attacks by the "Demons" which may come our way. Another part of this book is a list of thought-provoking Prophecy that the author has received from God, prophecies about what is to come, what the New World will look like. We have only to wait and watch to know if it is true.

But most importantly, read this book if you want to learn how to contact God, through your angels, Higher Self Guides and Teachers that are all around you to guide you throughout your life. Read this book if you want to learn how it is possible to be healed by others who have been given these spiritual Gifts by God so that they can heal others. The author is one of these gifted beings. Her own Teachers, Guides, Higher Self have revealed new information on these old topics. I have never learned as much as I did in reading June Lundgren's book. It is evident to me that what she has written is information she did not get from books or by listening to other people talking about the same topics. Indeed, it is unique and fresh because it comes directly from Spirit.

I urge all Truth Seekers to add this book to their library. The book will change your life and how you perceive it, because it did mine.
And then, like me, I know you will be watching June Lundgren for her next books.

~~McGuffy Ann
This review is from: A Medium's Guide to The Paranormal (Kindle Edition)
By June Lundgren
June Lundgren has written a memoir of her experiences with the supernatural. In addition to being a nurse and author, she is a gifted psychic medium.
Coming from a long line of psychic women, June knew from an early age that she had special gifts. As a child, she was able to talk with animals and angels. Those gifts expanded and deepened as she grew older. At age eighteen, June entered the military service where she obtained training for a long career in nursing.
Throughout her life, Ms. Lundgren has kept journals of her experiences and conversations with those in psychic world. She feels that it was these spirits who led her to write this book.
Ms. Lundgren discusses her many conversations with God, as well as departed souls. This has shaped her personal beliefs in many life situations. She discusses challenges that many people face in life. She also shares her thoughts about ghosts, demons, and other things of the supernatural world. She explains her beliefs and offers possible explanations of things beyond this world.
The book is easy to read and understand. Whether you are a believer or just curious about metaphysics and unexplained phenomena, it is a fascinating book by an interesting person.
~~A MEDIUM’S GUIDE TO THE PARANORMAL is just that a paranormal guide book.  The author is a psychic medium that claims to speak to Jesus, God, spirit guides and people who have crossed over.  While I am skeptical of some of the things in the book, I do believe there are people with special gifts that link them to other areas that we have no idea about.  Since there is such a unknown aspect to the paranormal it is hard to believe all we are told by people with the gift.  I enjoyed a lot of the book, especially the past life information and re birth.  I feel it may upset people that have a set way of thinking, but this book is just a different way of thinking.  This book is recommended to people interested in mediums and the paranormal.
Rating: 4 Reviewed By: Rae

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Ms. Lundgren wrote a very personal book by putting her own experiences as a medium out there for all to read.  Take took a bit of courage. A lot of people don't believe in all that hocus pocus. The last thing that people would believe is that the author conversing with God, angels and souls that have passed over. I think that is one reason I wanted to read this book.  I do believe that you can connect with those that have gone to a better place.  I think people don't want to believe because they are afraid of what they don't understand or know very little about. Ms. Lundgren sets the information in front of the reader and lets the reader decide.  She doesn't push or say this is the way it is and you will have to believe.  She just asks that you think on it. She tells of her experiences and what she believes about demons, ghosts, hauntings, psychics, a person's intuition and her actual conversations with God. Keep an open mind and just consider that there may be a teeny bit of truth and possibility that this does happen  The author offers a fascinating journey into some things that are unknown to some.  You may start out a skeptic and slowly become a believer.  Would that be so horrible? Pick up a copy and open the book and your mind and just consider it.

I would give this book 4 STARS.

I was given a complimentary copy of A MEDIUM'S GUIDE to The PARANORMAL from the author, June Lundgren for this unbiased, honest review.