Outta Time


By June Lundgren

Publisher : ingram books

ABOUT June Lundgren

June Lundgren
June Lundgren is a psychic-medium, animal communicator, healer, professional nurse and author. She comes from a long line of psychic women. Mentored by her maternal grandmother, June learned at an early age to use her gifts to help others.
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Sophie is a psychic medium and animal communicator. She runs a small crystal shop called, Outta Time. The shop

Is located in a small district called Lents in Portland, Oregon.

Nick is a man who if you can't touch it, feel it or see it then it doesn't exist. He is sure she is a phony psychic who is bilking money out of his mother and he intends to expose her.

Sophie sees him as a non-believer, someone who could never understand her or her way of life. She is attracted to him but knows there can be no future for them unless he can be made to understand what her world is all about.

Their Guardian Angels get into the act to guide the two to a better understanding of each other.

Nick's Guardians help his deceased Father get through to Nick and help him to understand that death is not the end. He soon learns there can be communication between the living and the dead.

As a psychic medium I know that our spirit guides and guardian angels work behind the scenes to help us find our path in the world and keep us on it. I wrote the story so that people could see what happens on the angelic plane.

~~4.0 out of 5 starsParanormal
By Richard Lang on December 1, 2016
Format: Kindle Edition
This is an engaging and entertaining love story with a twist. Sophie is a psychic medium and animal communicator who also operates a small crystal shop named Outta Time. Nick is a contractor who specializes in renovations and new construction. Nick visits Sophie's shop to confront her about giving his mother guidance which he thinks is phony. The twist is the Guardian Angels that watch over the characters and who Sophie communicates with. As Lundgren spins her plot, the Angels guide Nick and Sophie in a delightful romance despite his non-believing and his present girlfriend. Try as they might to not interfere with the human's lives, the Angel's give a little shove just at the right time.
Wednesday, November 30, 2016