How to Be Positive: How to learn and Prosper from our Subconscious Mind

ABOUT Mathew Bankole

Mathew Bankole
Bachelor Degree in International Business and Management from London Metropolitan University, London UK, Associate member, Association of Business Executive. Married with two sons and a daughter. An expert in the area of Positive and Personal Development and Motivation.



A guide to understanding why positive thinking can change your thought patterns to decrease your worrying habits and start living a happy life To be honest anybody who doesn’t have to fly doesn’t really have to worry about conquering their dread of be-ing up in an aeroplane, but our society has become very reliant on air travel - more so than ever before. People who are frequently in the air normally overcome their fears after a while. Such people include those who have to travel regularly for business or have family that are spread out around the planet or simply live in a place where air transport is the only effective way of getting around. The people who do really have to conquer their fear are those who very rarely fly normally but are suddenly forced to because of circumstances: there is an emer-gency, a loved one is sick; a package holiday just has to be taken etc.