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Paul Kyla
I love travelling round the world and writing journals on self discovery and thankfulness, i have written a lot of journals that have helped people



The One Minute Thankfulness Journal

Thankfulness means that an individual has realized the true value of something and can do anything to prove it, being thankful does not have to be once a year but throughout the year It does not matter if you are feeling depressed, moody or angry recently or feeling negative and is not too late to start reaping the benefits of being thankful You can stop at any time and take one minute to be thankful for everything in your life and also difficult circumstance too as they make you grow and become a better person The importance of being grateful is that it *it helps you to acknowledge what you have *it also helps you to have a change of mood immediately from negative to positive Even if you are feeling negative when you are thankful for what you have, you will not be able to hold the negative emotions for too long You can make being thankful one of your positive habits so that you can understand the importance of being thankful This journal consists where you can write five to ten things you are grateful at the end of your day This will put you in a good mood before you go to sleep and will help you enter the next day with an open and thankful heart In addition, this journal consists of the best thankful quotes to make every day a memorable day Get this Journal today by Scrolling up and Clicking Buy Now to get this wonderful journal