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Black Barbie
Author Black Barbie's, legal name is Ebony S. Wallace. Author Black Barbie is an Independent Self-Published Author, her first book was Published with Raquel William's Presents, titled "Schemin' On The Low," Author Black Barbie Resides In America.



Motivating one another could be hard, and inspiring someone else could be a resistance. Inspire 2B Inspired, is a motivational novel that allows you to understand yourself while teaching you how to never place the blame upon someone else for something in your past; or for something that you could have prevented yourself. Think positive, with Motivational thoughts, while filling yourself with Knowledge, and Acceptance. Once you've become aware of Knowing whats best for you, you'll become Grateful that you've Inspired yourself.Think outside of the way that you regularly think, think openly; while never seeming weak. Think for yourself, and love what you've learned from your past, embarrass what you've become, and understand why things are as they may be. Make it your personal goal to think with positivity, understand that life is a gift, and understand that each day is a present with optimistic things in acceptance. Remove yourself from all negativity, and understand that negativity is a disease, for people that pray for positive thinking.Understand that life is precious, and understand that you only get one chance to live. Think for yourself, while becoming open-minded, and understanding of others acceptance.