We Will Be Together

We Will Be Together

ABOUT Ranju Gobble

Ranju Gobble



Ruhi- a happy-go -lucky, cute girl, all into family, friends- was enjoying her life. However, as fate would have it, she found herself in a far away land.

Prithvi, the studious college goer had dreams of making it big in the robotics world. But, as adversity struck, he too found himself in a far away land.

As they --who are as different as chalk and cheese --meet, find themselves at loggerheads. Gradually as they have to depend on each other, trust burgeons giving way to passionate love.

Will Ruhi be able to meet her family again?

Will Prithvi be exonerated from the false charges?

Will their love have a happy ending?

Know these answers by reading ' We will be together ' a romcom which would keep you captivated at all times.